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Published: 20th May 2010
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There seems to be a lot of controversy about Team National in Arizona. This is also the case in other states as well. So because of that, let us break it down and discuss what this company offers to its members so that you can make your own personal and educated decision about the company.

First off, Team National is a member of the Better Business Bureau, which is important to consumers because of the strict standards that are enforced. Businesses must maintain a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. If a company does not treat its customers fairly, the BBB will make it well known that a company has not met these strict guidelines that sort them as a company who does business ethically.

TN is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and follows the DSA's Code of Ethics. This applies to both the consumer and the seller and it provides security that member companies will make no statements or promises that might mislead either consumers or prospective sales people.

Pyramid schemes are illegal and companies operating pyramids are not allowed to be members of the DSA, which disproves that Team National is nothing more than a pyramid. If it were, it would not be allowed to be a member of the Direct Selling Association. Independent marketing directors make money by selling memberships which saves members money on products and services. Nothing more and nothing less.

The money that is created is through a personalized website that each member owns. These websites link to Team National Companies' Big N Marketplace website. It is there where members can save huge money on such companies as Target, Home Depot, Overstock.Com and many other well known and popular companies.

What is valuable to keep in mind, is that independent marketing directors are not selling items, as some may think. They are just selling savings through benefits package memberships and do so with a team approach, resembling having a mentor to help them accomplish their goals. Team National, also known as National Companies, first got its start in 1996, when its owner, Dick Loehr, first began developing a company to provide benefits and services.

In 1997, he provided his benefits package to a small direct selling company that began business in 1992. Over the next two years, Dick and his leadership team continued to improve the benefits and services that are provided in the benefits package that its members enjoy.

In 2001, Dick redesigned the company name, logo and brand and named it National Companies Incorporated. He wanted people to be able to save money along with create a life of freedom through their own efforts. His idea was that people could work together as a team and help each other reach their financial goals instead of trying to work independently.

Team National/National Companies mission is to enrich the lives of their independent marketing directors and their corporate staff, by providing the vehicles for continued growth and everyday savings. They believe in unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging honor, integrity and character in all aspects of life and business by conducting themselves ethically, using the Direct Selling Association's (DSA) code of ethics.

The opportunity for success is there for anyone who wants it bad enough. With the economy in a tailspin at this present time, Americans are working harder than ever for less earnings. Many, many fear losing hours or worse yet, their job which is why many people are searching for solutions to replace their income which is why Team National has been that very solution for so many.

People who have been successful with the team were skeptical, like many just naturally are. But when they put the company to the test and simply did what was suggested to them by other team members, they discovered that being on the team and just replicating the steps was all that was considered necessary to become successful like their successors suggested. Those who have complained about the company simply did not apply the simple steps that their mentors coached them on and looked beyond their family and friends for real success.

There are many, many, who just aspire a better way of life. They want the freedom, more time to spend with their family, and the true ability to really write their own check. The way that many have been able to make a new life is through Team National's benefits package memberships and the marketing that they do on their own.

While these memberships save people a lot of money on the products that most people already buy, it is the extra marketing steps that this company and other marketing companies do not typically tell you about. This probably has a lot to do withwhy over 90 percent who start out with the company, fail. Marketing is the essential for this type of business and any other business, for that matter.

These items and services include such things as mortgages, vehicles, communication items like Ipods, computers, cell phones, jewelry, furniture and so much more.

Team National in Arizona and many other states provide membership savings for benefit package owners who purchase goods and services such as home furnishings, communications, fine jewelry and more. As a member company, they pledge to abide by their strict code of ethics, standards and procedures. To emphasize Team National is a proud member of the BBB of South East Florida. It is also a United States Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Team National/National Companies which is a registered member of Dun & Bradstreet.

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